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Zip Hydrotap Systems

Zip Hydrotap Systems

ZIP Hydrotap - boiling, chilled, sparkling and filtered water systems are extermely convenient and provide a constant flow of water in your home or office. ZIP Hydrotap systems come in a range of sizes to suit residential, small office and commercial applications. They are Australian made to suit Australian conditions. No more waiting for water to boil and no more bottled water. The ZIP Hydrotap systems are a great addition to any home or office. All come with the option of a water filter system.

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ZIP Hydrotap Boiling & Ambient with Water Filter 37697
Zip Hydrotap 37697 Boiling & Ambient Under Bench System. ..
AU$2,700 AU$2,500
Ex Tax: AU$2,500
ZIP Hydrotap Boiling & Chilled with Water Filter Compact2
Zip Hydrotap Compact2 Boiling & Chilled Under Bench System. Provides..
AU$3,900 AU$3,600
Ex Tax: AU$3,600
ZIP Hydrotap Instant Boiling Chilled Filtered Water HT1505
Boiling and Chilled, Filtered Water -instantly- with the award-winning 4th generation Zip Hydrota..
AU$6,000 AU$6,000
Ex Tax: AU$6,000
Zip Hydrotap Sparkling, Chilled & Boiled Filtered Water HT1001
The Zip HydroTap Compact 2 BCS Boiling, Chilled and SPARKLING HT1001 features a world first - ins..
Ex Tax: AU$3,825
Zip Hydrotap Sparkling, Chilled & Boiled Filtered Water HT1500
The Zip HydroTap BCS 100/125 Boiling, Chilled and SPARKLING Commercial System HT1500 features..
AU$5,800 AU$4,800
Ex Tax: AU$4,800
Zip Hydrotap Sparkling, Chilled & Boiled Filtered Water HT1501
The Zip HydroTap BCS 160/125 Split System, Boiling, Chilled and SPARKLING Commercial System H..
AU$6,800 AU$5,800
Ex Tax: AU$5,800

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